Why everyone should have a professional headshot / by Dermot McElduff

Lets face it we a re an online global community now, the internet is hear to stay. The real impact of this is that most peoples first impression of you is now your online persona, not your physical one. So if you feel like this article is too long, then that is the real take away, if you are still not convinced then read on...

White Collar Workers

Gone are the days (well for 99% of people) of working in one company for your entire professional career working for just one company, so you need to be constantly selling yourself to the world. You also want to make a good first impression with every single person that comes in contact with you.

Good news is this is easy with platforms like LinkedIn, it is quite normal now (in my experience) for perspective employers and recruiters to look at your LinkedIn profile first, and what is the first thing they see? Yep your profile picture, hopefully its more than a grainy selfie, if not then you really should consider a professional head shot.

Blue Collar Workers

Yes you too should have a professional head shot for exactly the same reasons as the white collar office worker. You will not continue to work for the same firm for ever and yes it is not the norm for people in blue collar jobs to have LinkedIn profiles, but I can guarantee you will stand out from the crowd if you do. And its only a matter of time until more blue collar workers are on the likes of LinkedIn, so get ahead of the curve now.

Freelancers/Business owners/Entrepreneurs

Those in these professions have a x100 greater need, not only should you have a professional head shot for the likes of LinkedIn you need some for your websites, your publications, blogs, Shapr profile, your media packs, pitch decks, etc etc. in fact you should not only have professional head shots but you should have a few different styles and you need to ensure they are regularly updated, at least every year.

But its too expensive.

This argument holds little merit, I think most people have their financial priorities out of whack, they are happy to spend thousands on a fancy mobile device, then complain that they have no money. What if you skipped buying the device, and spent the money on a head shot that helped you secure a job which paid you more, then you could have both things?

Ok so you have read this far, well done, so yes now I have a sales pitch, well kind of. I am not saying you have to book me, but I just wanted to give an example of what it might cost if you do use my professional head shot services.

Basic - £70

  • 30 Minutes
  • One outfit
  • On location
  • Basic retouching services
  • Choose one image
  • Same day image turn around

Standard - £90

  • 30 minutes
  • One outfit
  • On location
  • Advanced retouching services
  • Choose two images
  • Same day image turn around

Gold Standard - $125

  • 1 hour
  • Two outfits
  • On location
  • Advanced retouching services
  • Chose up to four images

Platinum Standard - From £200 - £400

  • 2-4 hours
  • Unlimited outfits
  • Studio Shoot
  • Advanced retouching services
  • Chose up to eight images
  • Includes body shots

Optional Extras

  • Upgrade retouching for £20
  • Additional images are £15 each
  • Hair Stylist and Make up artists can be provided on request, costs vary
  • Upgrade to a studio shoot for £125 (dependent on availability of studio)